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Hero image | Crystal Chandelier floor Lamp KADDOUR


Crystal Chandelier floor Lamp

Truly exclusive work of art gold gilded with several shades of 24-karat gold, designed to impress and add uniqueness to your interior.

We have created Kaddour as:
Standing lamp Art. 20002 (196 x 100 x 80cm)

117 000 $
117 000 $
Product specification 1

Provided with Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee of Quality.

Product specification 2

Certified Made in Italy.

Product specification 3

Limited amount - only 9 pieces.

Product specification 4

Production and Delivery lead time approx. 12 weeks.

Masterpiece made of exclusive materials

Marble base

Stunning crystal lamps Kaddour are set on a premium Italian marble base Carrara meticulously rounded on the edges and completed with wooden sculpture of falcon.

Wooden sculpture of Falcon

Chandeliers are beautifully complemented with a wooden statue of Falcon meticulously carved from mountain maple wood.The artist carefully gilds the sculpture by hand with various shades of 24-karat gold leafs, paying attention to every detail. The majestic power and unusual mysteriousness of the falcon are expressed by his amber eyes.

Crystal chandeliers

Chandeliers are made of premium mountain Berg crystals.The color variety of the crystals incorporated into the lamp enhance the radiant effect.

3D image - 4 |

Premium materials, hand gilded with 24-karat gold

Our exclusive floor lamps are carefully made of selected materials of highest quality. It is a work of art of which uniqueness is amplified by the artist’s work as he carefully shapes and gold gilds the sculptures by hand to the last detail.

Material description 5 |

Maple wood of highest quality

Material description 5 |

Hand gilded with 24-karat gold

Material description 5 |

Exclusive italian marble Carrara

Extraordinary inspiration

 Large, extremely fast and beautifully elegant in flight, Falcon is a bird of prey. A good friend to a man, it has always been a symbol of prosperity, power and nobility. Subject of famed sagas, sacred scriptures, ancient legends and stories. Still loved today as a symbol of dreams, elegance  and freedom.

These features have inspired us to create a Piece of Art of incredible Beauty, Elegance, Exclusivity and Value.

Background image 6 |

The secret of Natalis artworks

The secret of Natalis emozioni d’arte lies in applying rigorous principles that demand an absolute quality. Proven and protected procedures of creative process.  Everything is handcrafted to the last detail with the extraordinary  intention to attract the attention.

Stand out thanks to the world’s uniqueness

Nonpareil floor lamps Kaddour are made to order in a  limited amount. Worldwide, only a few pieces will find their home.

Do you require your own custom colour design?

We will happily adapt the artwork to your visions. For more information please contact us.

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