House of Natalis

Luxury brand Natalis Luxus is a result of creative passions of our whole family. Me and my husband Konrad have been involved in artistic craftsmanship, woodworking and art painting since early age. Love for art and nature has crossed our life paths. Since then, we were growing this passion together for almost 30 years.

I have gained experience in artistic painting and restoration from one of the best masters in the field in Northern Italy. Konrad’s artistic and technical background and my natural creativity inspire and complement each other.

We have decided to pass on and expand our knowledge and experience and in 2000 we set up an art painting workshop. Few years later, we also established the artistic woodworking workshop.

Like every artist, we are always on a search for new challenges. Thanks to this, the idea of Natalis-Luxus was born. The world of unique luxury with pieces of art even for the most demanding customers.

Handmade Wooden Luxury Serving Bowl
Handmade Wooden Luxury Serving Bowl
Handmade Wooden Luxury Serving Bowl

Our greatest source of inspiration is the beauty, diversity and playfulness of nature and the world around us. Our aim was to create something valuable and truly unique.

Our older son Michael is slowly starting to follow our footsteps. He has inherited our feel for art and technical thinking which he is now using to design and make new models and prototypes. Younger son Manuel, who is still in school, is slowly starting to apply his economical knowledge in running the family business

Natalis Luxus is a wonderful harmony of the passion, knowledge and experience of our whole family. Thanks to the unique combination of our skills, we are not afraid of any challenge and we happily accept custom orders. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to realise your visions and ideas.

Your satisfaction is our motivation and drive on our way of creativity and art.

Our products are carefully packed and delivered worldwide in Luxury wooden Gift Boxes with Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee.