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ANATOLIOS Golden sculpture  ‘Eagle Nest’ | Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte


- Emozioni d'Arte

The art of gold
for extraordinary people
and exceptional spaces

This art is not for everyone.
See for yourself.

Only 1
in the world

Forget the mass production. Natalis cares about the exclusivity of their products, therefore you will find only one piece in the world from our Unique edition.

AMBROSIA Golden crystal bowl on the table | Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

For your exquisite interior,
for your unique style

AMBROSIA Golden crystal bowl | Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

Unique Edition

Collection of unique sculptures and interior accessories made of gold.

Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

The Art
of (in)calculable

Our works of art are made of high value materials,especially gold, from different parts of the world. We maintain proven and protected procedures of the creative process, which in combination with our unprecedented desire for art give our works exclusive elegance.

Get to know the art of extraordinary people.
Meet Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte.


Discover the secret of Natalis 

Get to know our art in detail. We will present the ideas of the artists who create the works of Natalis Luxus, as well as other people’s view on our art.

Read the stories of our golden works of art.

Crystals from famous jewellers | Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

Enjoy the Gold, stand out with exceptional uniqueness

Are you enthralled by our works? Would you like to own a golden piece of art from our workshop that you won’t find anywhere else? We will help you to fulfill the vision of your unique work of art and we will make a custom artwork for you.

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