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Hero image | Golden crystal bowl AGAUE


Golden crystal bowl

Just feel through this connection of marble, gold and mountain crystal and you won’t let go of the thoughts of this unique decorative bowl. Luxury home decor accessory or rather a work of art, which we will craft for only one of you, is meant for remarkable people and exceptional spaces.

Art. 20004 – (60cm x 60cm x 60cm)

73 000 000 €
73 000 000 €
Product specification 1

Provided with Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee of Quality.

Product specification 2

Certified Made in Italy.

Product specification 3

Production and Delivery lead time approx. 12 weeks.

Inspired and created from nature

Gold, Crystal, Marble

The Agaue bowl cut from mountain crystal, surrounded by three golden statues of falcons and complemented by golden flowers, illustrates the power of nature and it’s exceptional place in our lives.

A bowl hiding the increasingly scarce crystal clear water and three falcons representing prosperity, power, elegance and freedom as well as gold, these are the symbols that inspired us on our journey to creating this work of art.

Ambrosia is featured on a premium marble base and set in between the three falcons meticulously crafted from 22-karat gold, each in a different position. Dazzling eyes of falcons are made of diamonds.

Customize the bowl to your vision

Uniqueness of the works of art as well as exceptionality of people is built upon details, also expressed in their interiors.

Therefore we have decided to offer you an option to customize and fine-tune the bowl to match your exclusive lifestyle. You can choose from the selection of precious materials below:

Material description 4 |

Various types of Marble base

Material description 4 |

Color variety of Crystals for the bowl

Material description 4 |

Selection of Precious stones for falcons’ eyes

For more information please contact us

Only 1 in the world with growing investment value

A truly exclusive work of art. If you order this unique bowl first, we guarantee that you will not find the same bowl from our workshop anywhere else in the world. In addition, the precious materials used to make this bowl give a guarantee that you acquire a work of art with lasting and growing investment value.

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