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Hero image | Golden sculpture  ‘Eagle Nest’ ANATOLIOS


Golden sculpture  ‘Eagle Nest’

A work of art that can enthrall with its originality in order to evoke feelings of amazement. We make the statue from gold and exclusively for only one of you, that is why it is intended for exceptional spaces.

Art. 20008 – (185cm x 144cm x 124cm)

390 000 000 $
390 000 000 $
Product specification 1

Provided with Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee of Quality.

Product specification 2

Certified Made in Italy.

Product specification 3

Production and Delivery lead time approx. 6-7 months.

Product specification 4

Plaque and Certificate with the name of the respected owner on request.

Inspired and created from nature

Beautifully majestic Anatolios rising above the eagle nest, protecting the most precious in his world- eaglets. This unique sculpture was created to impress with the power of its idea and the preciousness of materials.

Connected with the history of precious luxury materials

This exclusive work of art is featured on precious Lava stone from active Italian volcanoes. The dominance of an artistic idea is expressed by its size. The artwork is 185cm high. The whole sculpture is meticulously crafted from 22-karat fine Gold. Looking into the eyes of Anatolios and his eaglets you will be mesmerized by radiant diamonds.

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Growing investment value

Precious materials used for making this sculpture will give you a guarantee of obtaining an artwork with lasting and growing investment value.

Only 1 in the world

A truly exclusive work of art. If you order this sculpture first, we guarantee that you will not find the same sculpture from our workshop anywhere else in the world.

Interested in your own custom design?

We will happily adapt the artwork to your visions. For more information please contact us.