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About us | Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte


- Emozioni d'Arte

Welcome to a place where we turn ordinary home accessories into works of (in) calculable value

Our unique view of everyday items is what connects us to our clients. Their unique lifestyle attracts them to exclusive art, the Art of Natalis.

Did our art enthused you?
Join the brand Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte.

The Art from Gold
for exceptional people

We are glad, that truly exceptional clients, of which there are only few dozen around the world, have found their way to our unique art. Exclusivity, truly valuable natural materials and manual art work is just a fraction of what they appreciate on the Natalis brand.

Limited amount of artworks

The uniqueness of the human spirit lies in the fact that it is different from the average. The same goes for our works. They are beautiful, they are unique, they are different from the average, and therefore we make them in limited numbers.

Natalis cares about the exclusivity of its products, so in the world you will find only:

Agaue | Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

1 piece or artwork from our Limited edition

Secret artists,
secret artworks

Our artworks are made of high value materials, mainly gold, premium wood, crystals and diamonds from different parts of the world. That is a reason why the whole production process is confidentially protected.

Only few people know who is behind the brand Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte, but we can guarantee that the trust placed in our artistic hands will be returned to you in the form of world uniqueness.

Crystals from famous jewellers | Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte
Certificate | Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

Certificate of Authenticity and Quality Guarantee

We stand behind our artistic work. Every single artwork that we create for you we provide with a Certificate of Authenticity and Quality Guarantee.
The artworks are certified Made in Italy.

Confidentially protected techniques, which take art to another level

Proven and protected techniques, which we have acquired from one of the best masters in northern Italy, combined with many years of experience in creating works of art and a nonpareil desire for art, adds a truly exclusive elegance to our works

Secret of Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

Alchemy of Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

If you take a closer look at the works of Natalis, you will find an unconcealed elemental creativity, which is a reflection of the Italian teachings perfectly mixed with Slavic passion. This connection creates an alchemy that transforms ordinary things into works of art.

Did our art enthused you?

We invite you to a discreet meeting

Are you captivated by our work? Do you like Natalis art? Would you like to own a golden piece of art from our art workshop that you will not find anywhere in the world? We will help you fulfill your vision of unique art and create a tailor-made work for you.

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